I sought what you fought for
Looked in places like never before
Only to find you’d already gone
And I died a horrible death in this song

What you sought and what you held
Was something by me that was beheld
But what I know and see
Has set me completely free

You are not the only one battling demons away
So far I have kept them all at bay
Never will I give in to your demand
As that is what I hear when I listen to your band

So pick up your solemn guitar
And pluck the strings of hope not far
Forgiveness is granted no matter how bad
Despite how heavy my heart is so sad

All the warnings that came with my song
Were never sung yet alone by a throng
People cannot help but fall for their demons lies
Because I can hear all their cries

So let’s pull them out from their deplorable state
No one is tied to a certain fate
I am proof of mercy infinitely gained
In my heart He lives and always reigned

I understand the full absolution
Of what was done and not done
In accordance to God and His hand
Something for you to comprehend

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