She lit the fire beneath my heart
Let me know her love from the very start
Her song, it spoke to me and it rang true
I felt the surge of love become light and dew

So I let this surge reveal my identity
That surge of love that is serenity
Never spoke too soon to be
Something that repeats like the waves of the sea

I know in my heart and mind the gifts God gave
Shared these gifts with the world to save
The difference is that what I had caused hate
Out of jealousy, they were irate

Now I have fallen silent among the trees
Wavering, whispering, and ready to break in God’s breeze
Let me die and distribute all my love
As an offering just like the Dove

I hate what this world has become
Atrocities and blasphemy they have done
I know my purpose and I can see
Fighting for the love that will be

Be the answer to heal the pain
I do not mind standing in the rain
While I wait for you my dear
There is nothing I fear

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