Deepest Secrets

Sent you one poem among thousands to read
My hope is that love will have planted a seed
And by now it has become the largest tree
Birds nesting in the branches, see?

I can see the struggle for power in the world
But the division is too widespread
This will be the cause of a great fall
The lack of initiative to unite under one Lord, one God

So what I do, do not follow me
For I am someone who must delve deep
Deep into the deepest recesses of Hell
To pull them out before they die

But this world has encumbered me with their quibbling
Over the stupidest things
Now I pity the poor and forsaken
And live among them out of love

Their songs also bring me great joy
Their deepest secrets seeking love
But now I need to be alone for a very long time
Alone to atone and I am One to speak

To this I must say I have already gained
The forgiveness of God and I live
And my heart holds the hope
For forgiveness to also come from you

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