What has got me perplexed
Are your affectionate words
Which chilled me to the bone
Never reaching you despite
I tried to convey the truth

Now I am all alone and hanging
On this cross you gave me
Abandoned by my closest
And hemorrhaging a lot
Definitely left for dead

But unbeknownst to me I would live
Expecting termination permanently
But in a blink I lived instead
Still hung on this cross I see
But I live instead for God

Been shot at and hated especially
Choked and poisoned until death even
Sabotaged to flip my car
I should be dead but am not that far
Now they fear by what they have done

Let the light of Justice shine forth
Bringing with it the Judgement of Christ
Bestow upon your humble servant
The light to guide and judge just
As I lay my hands on the earth to heal. Amen.

The resistance to love is amazing
Intentionally squashing the affectionate gaze
Not understanding and fearing intimacy
With the Triune God in all simplicity
I am all that which God wants me to be

Watch the world unfurl its hate
All wrapped up and apparently safe
They will not see until it is too late
That the hate is what keeps them
From loving the God the created them

I am here to tell you and live for you
That love is the way to truth and life
Which is all that and Christ Himself
For He Descended without crown or glory
Stooped down so low before you

Yet you ignored His pleas
Pleas for a return to Him
A reckoning and a beckoning
Now I have been given power from above
And will show how and with this love

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