Rejoice and believe
We shall soon see
The Glory of the Lord

My heart leaps with joy
Like a little boy
At what it is You give

Eternal Life
With the kiss of death
Yet here I am raised from the dead

Able to love and give
All I am
For I shall live on

Worry not my love
Keep on loving as you are
Just include me once and a while


If what I believe comes to be
Matters not, see?
Without your love
I am wasted, see?
If all I sought was yours
Why so distant like a memory?

I have been crushed before
But I got back up
You are not some backup
But have you got my back?
Back from above and below
My heart shall put on a show

Long Enough

Been around long enough
To know
Love breaks barriers
Meant to be broken

Being broken
Need healing
Your ignorance
Does not help

So rise up to the challenge
Declare love to be your guide
Live according to the Word
And God’s Glory will shine



Have not settled for anything less
Than love
Love teaches us to kindle
Relations that have foundation
They are built to last
As of now I have very few friends
Hoping I would meet some more
But as I can see
See that heart of yours
Beatings all exposed
Has you resisting

Can you see?
Let love soften that shell of yours
So blessings to be bestowed upon thee
Healings I give in Christ’s name
Out of love my hope is
That you come out of this alive
And full of the Spirit of the Lord

As I have at my command
Legions upon legions of Holy Angels
To heed to this command

Authority has been given
The Spirit of the Lord speaks

“Go forth and teach them love”

There comes a time when I must intervene
Many hands, eyes, and ears I have taken
To warn you of what comes
Repent or be destroyed
Tolerances have been breached
With horn blasts and poetic storms
Declaring war

Let this be a lesson
I will intervene


What fascinates me most
Are the ones that do see
They know not to say

A heartbeat’s swoon away
A word of love
Encouraging the lost

I have the greatest freedom in Christ
Many have tread this same beaten path
But I climbed the mountain
And left bloody footprints behind

Now this mountain will be made low
Low by your love
Upon giving it
Living it
Faithing it
Just do it


I had given up
Hope was lost
Love forgotten
Generosity dried up
Dark times we are in
For some this is the best
As they proudly show they are blind

The key to Eternal Life
Is to be One with Christ
Before you are dead

After being raised from death
And breathed into life
I have lots to say
With so little time left


My voice has shattered
My cravings subsided
Entering peace
As it should be
I walk with us
So it is we
Never alone
So walk with me
We found the entrance

So I tell them what I found
And I am locked away for life
Delivering truth
As it should be
So anonymous I am
Until the Veil is lifted
And I am looking into your eyes

You will then see
The eyes of Love
Entering Peace
As a Dove
Like Fire
On Fire

Singing the song
The ode owed
As a living tablet
Inscribed on a heart
God’s Law of Love