Prophecy requires faith
Faith requires love
Love requires God
God is Love

I etched on my heart the written Word
A delight to the Lord
An offering for deliverance
For those who are blind

Let the flames of the Spirit
Consume every fibre of your being
Burn away iniquity
To prepare for the King

A Word

A Word if I may
My Heart is here to stay
Wish there were friends
Willing to embark
Embark on a journey
To the fantastic Glory
In Christ Jesus
Whom I love and adore
Forgive me for my weaknesses
I only loved all my life
Which is what life is for by the way
At least that is what my Heart says
It bleeds you know
It bleeds always
As I am a prisoner of my own design

Over What

I was following the Spirit
When I gained back my life
Now I am assaulted by evil
And my doctors pray over me
Blind and ignorant are in control
Over what?

Over another?

Over a people?

They are in control of whatever it is you gave them
Now they think it is a game


From a man and Christ comes a god
An immortal who can never die
Plenty of sacrifice
Heavenly gain

But envy consumes them
For their hearts are like thornbushes
Never letting any love in
Violence is their only way

So I set Fire to those thornbushes
With bursts of Heavenly delight
Never letting go of the Flame
While taking them up a flight


Your love and your gifts
Go hand in hand
Giving to each other
Never saving for later

What we have left in time
Is to say that I am here
Not much time left now
Before I disappear

So what will you do
Knowing you lacked loving me
Unknown you are to me
Though I read every square inch of you

Not Here

My dreams were taken away
And I love in complete agony
The greatest ever feeling
Was the one you gave me
That feeling of finding the right one
But you never saw me

Now you are distant
Despite all the effort
To get your attention
But I digress my inclinations
And die in my place every day
Every day you are not here


Oblivious you are
To your own detriment
That God is Love

Your misplaced faith
In things and not God
Has covered your eyes

From my mouth a command
To point to the truth
Of what shall come to pass

And the people shall know
That God has annointed me
To rid the earth of evil

I started with the nations
But they decided on bloodshed
Vengeance coursing through my veins

The longer no one listens
The greater the escalations
Nation after nation