What the Lord teaches me, I learn
What man tries to teach me, I ignore
Thus I am scorned for what I believe
That We are one with God and in love with you

What they really do not understand is love
They felt it, sure, but to live it is to endure
The worst imaginable hate that proceeds
From the mouths of these losers

Losers because they lost out on the one thing
That could have saved them from certain death
But they hate more than they love
And leave everyone out in the cold

Now what comes from my mouth shall strike
Like a double-edged sword to deliver smite
Not by any of my power but by His wrath
For all those years of ignorance

What I believe and live means nothing to you
You would say that you are through
Take my hand as I love to lead
To a place where it is love you feed

But you pull away with a phobic response
Because of perversion you cannot see beyond
A gesture of lasting love, not sexual in nature
Is what I am always after in you

So let go of your inhibitions and endure
That which is worth the pain and sacrifice
Worth dying for in a death so sweet
Off to an everlasting place to finally meet

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