Took the offbeat path
Led by the light of God
Bloodied footprints and all
Put there by Christ Himself

Many years have passed since I began
So much suffering I was allowed upon
To recompense for others
For they do not know what they do

So when misfortune comes my way
And it always does as it is the root and the cause
Would you rescue me
Or will you watch me drown?

Does the fault rest with me
That I am torn to shreds by your sin?
I stepped in front of the bullet and survived
For that from you I am despised

No one understands this love
They have to be told it in stories to learn
But a certain neighbourhood ruined the message
Twisting it to their own financial gain

Watch and observe the theft of these words
It takes all kinds as they never care
Credit to God is never given
Despite the glories by God granted

I have no shame in living a life
In likeness to His including strife
So crucify me by your silence or your hate
I will then die the same death and fate

Only to be raised from the dead
For Death’s power was destroyed long ago
Opening wide the doors to new life in love
Calling us back to Him and our Heavenly Home

So go to Him giving your thanks
No matter where you are in the ranks

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