Grappling With Reality

I found that love extinguishes and enhances pain
Requiring endurance and charity to thrive and sustain
I know because I taste love in its purest form
Like drinking sunshine filled with joy so warm

I drink it all by the Love of God
Inebriated on His Gift beyond all laud
Who then could I possibly be?
That the earth laid herself low for me

I stand invisible before the nations all alone
I am done warning now, I wish I had known
Going away is hard to do because I love you
Last time I had to leave, I died not you

This time I will move on for good from thee
Since you want nothing to do with me
I felt the rejection plain and simply
Hope you never notice or hear me leave

You must understand by now
That I am a nobody, a wretched sinner somehow
Whose mission is to witness until Christ’s Return
Now I am ready to rest in an urn

If He is already here why would I want to leave?
In truth it is because I suffer every day to bereave
That I suffer not really but rather He
By my wickedness He suffers which must end by me

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