With these mystical sighs
I am just somebody who tries
To do the mighty will of God

Granted the gifts of seven
All of which came from Heaven
Has me here hated and despised

Ill conceived are their opinions of me
Thinking I am in some fantasy
What will they think of next besides the truth?

But I stand here before God always
Shadows of me are in the hallways
Now I am wondering if I should I even stay

2 thoughts on “Hallways

  1. Remember this my dear friend. It is the spiritual warriors of god that face the hardest tests. 🙌

  2. My thanks to you for your kindness
    It brings joy nonetheless
    But I passed all the tests and remain
    Faithfully and unequivocally in love just the same
    And hearts like yours are precious jewels
    Never listening to the fools

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