Time to come together
Under one banner of love
Assemble as God’s people
No matter your religion or race
We will be before God’s Face
On Fire and kindling all kinds of flames
Spreading the love that He seeks
In goodness and in grace

I do His will and my own
Living in harmony
I leave the supernatural to Him
So I can be fully human

Secrets like this galore
Your heart I implore
Love to spread no matter what
Where we go from here
Is all by grace and His power

In this picture
Evil has no place
No foothold
No brace
Instead turns into a footstool
For Christ to put His foot on
But not before she crushes Satan’s head with her heel

Look with your heart to see what is real
Not all things that are real are human
Just remember you will soon see
At the lifting of the holy veil
If you want to be fully amazed

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