A troubled heart stays awake
Determined to resolve
Empty words dissolve
Never having the true picture in mind

I remember your vanity
It got in the way
I got something to say
With you never having listened to my word

So trouble me not anymore
Your heart I adore
Let the floodgates open
Filling the room with light

Now my words falter
Falling short of the altar
My unworthiness reflected
In their judgement of me

So I picked up the pieces
Called out to Jesus
He came to me swiftly
And lifted me out of this mess

Time and time again
I never learn
The same thing happens
When I am looking for the lost

So I lost myself in the forests
Hoping for a rescue
Got nothing from you
Having Christ all to myself instead

I picked the better part
Never to be taken away
Listening intently
To what he has to say

I can tell you where to look
To find him who comes in glory
Entering into a divine mystery
Carving out a piece of history

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