Messages from God

I have been receiving messages from God since I was a child. Being a child I approached the Father such that He granted me the grace to be with Him and Him with me for all Eternity. This was my wish then just as it is now. Over the years, attempts on my life have been made, jealous hearts conveyed, some successful only for me to be raised. I simply cannot die when the Lord is with me in this way, and We plan on keeping it that way. Criticism comes in droves when His word is revealed instead of faithful, repentful, and contrite hearts in response. Their hearts are closed like the shuttered doors of today out of fear and I am much deeper in this desert now than ever, no one is looking for me except for those in the Lord. But I retreat even further to hide away for a while, no one will find us as We are disguised with a veil.

Rejoice in the Lord in these uncertain times, His graces and blessings are being poured out with the greatest love. Listen to your Pope, he has your hopes in prayer.

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