I believe after having offered my will every day to God that upon this Word His Will be done. After having done His Will in accordance with scriptures I consider the matter of Revelation to be fulfilled, yet living in our midst. Like the invisible creatures of Heaven. Yet there are many who are blind to the reality of Heaven in their midst, they would rather throw it away on a whim whether that be through lust or murder or gluttony, it does not matter which. It replaces the one true God with something else such as a little lie which leads nowhere.

After having walked a fine line between death and life and after having suvived murders and attempts by those having contempt and jealousy as their wheel, I find myself in complete amazement at the reality that God always keeps his promises, for there is only one thing in common in all of this and that is the divine protection I have received. Too many times to count. It is the protection of a witness, see?

So listen to Him
He is the Lord our God
Calling us back
Lifting us up to
Do not give up this fight
Let your heart give flight
At the wonder and the mercy of our God
He has spared us demise
Because of certain love and life
Despite how careless
We once were with others and Himself
Metcy comes
And in its tsunami like wake

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