Reality Of Time

I know all about it
I just bought you a lot of it
And I can hardly contain my joy
What kind of world do we live in
When I let that joy bubble over onto you
It is thus trampled on by envy, disgust, hatred, lies, and cast aside?
As it is, I remain at peace
Nor do I condemn you
For you have no idea what you are doing
And are in serious need of Divine Intervention

To the ones that refuse to believe in God:

Even the devil believes that God exists.
The truth is
That same joy and peace in Christ Jesus is for you also
I am no different than you, nor greater than you
And I was declared a Son of God before I was born
And I am here, standing beside you all who do believe
That is why you are so special to me and to God
No matter how wretched you really are
Repent while you still can
Lies and acts of evil in the Light of the Spirit of Knowledge and Truth
Always evaporates like a puff of smoke before God
Question is
Will you go out with that puff of smoke
Or will you still be standing when He is done with you?

I tell you truly, I stood, and I stood with the Light of Christ
So do not dwell on the sins of others
For that leads to condemnation
Nor even your own if you are not contrite
Or you will condemn yourself

Know this:
Our Lord Jesus also no longer tolerates
Evil that hides in the shadows
And commands them all to come out
Or be dragged out into the Light of God

I think that 8 is next on the scale of things..

Please pray..

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