Deliver us from all evil

The Holy Spirit revealed something to me today, and as a result, though I did not write it down, I was tested again. This time it was the Devil trying to convince me that all of Heaven and the Angels were laughing at me and were saying that I was an idiot. That I didn’t love Jesus, and that God rejected me. For a moment I experienced a moment of horror, as if that were true, but I refused to believe in a lie, I truly felt in my heart the presence of Jesus and then Satan proceeded to try and convince me that I was already in Hell, because I am always suffering, and then I knew it was not Jesus and ignored him. Then he said that I was a fool, so I interrupted him and I said, “Yes, I am a fool, a fool for Christ! Begone Satan and do not come back! Jesus I trust in You and here’s why!” Then I recited the Nicene Creed, however I have never said it like this before, the prayer came from my Heart, flowed like blood and water, and opened the Heavens to my Heart. Then I heard the Almighty Father clap and exclaim, “Bravo!”

The distraction by Satan was an attempt to deter me from these very important days ahead and what they are for. Try and make me forget about the Glorious vision I had about being lifted up to the Heavens!