All Glory is the Lord’s

The Lord wants us/me to help unite His flock, I look and His Church is so divided. Do any of you think that God will let this continue? I tell you solemnly, one year will not even pass before the Lord unites all.

While I continue to struggle with identifying with myself after having been emptied completely allowing Christ to make His home within me, one thing is for certain, to be abundantly clear, that Christ’s desire for unity is both for the unification of His people to be of One Mind in Christ and also His Mind in us! For it is impossible for us to do this on our own accord. All we can do is first invite Christ to unite Himself with us. Give Him permission to do so.  Do you not understand that the end is soon?

Therefore, it is necessary for me to write of this first, draw out my experiences and my journey towards Christ so that others may learn and be brought back to God through Jesus Christ.

The most amazing part of all this, is the Knowledge that comes forth, the prompting to ACT out of Love, to become Love, though my perceptions of “why” are not relevant because of my flaws in sin, that despite my failures, the Lord fulfills His Will through me, no matter what happens. To say otherwise, that it’s not God’s will, is to say that His Will is not done on Earth, and this my friends is a lie, and fulfilling His Will is why we are here. To listen to the Lord and act according to His Divine Will so that on doing His Will to Glorify Him in His name and out of Love, we all give Glory to the Lord.