Helmet of Salvation is God’s Grace

One of my daily prayers is that the Father and I become one just as Jesus and Him are one. Faith is the assurance that what we hope for will be granted. Hope. My Hope is indeed in the Lord Jesus Christ and when I asked that this be done according to His Will, He said, “It is done. We are. I am.”

Therefore, do not be jealous, for what He offers me, He offers every one of His beloved, and therefore they are all my beloved. When he stooped down to where I was at, I was the lowliest and the least of all, so he raised me up and brought me to himself. When I gave up all I am, He also gave me Himself. When I consumed His Body and Blood, He consumed my body and blood and He did not spit me out. The Glory of God is all around, do you not see?

Take a moment today, revel in the mystery of Salvation, for the helmet of Salvation is God’s Grace.