Love you like no other
There is something about ya
As you are blinded by status
My lowliness disgusts ya
Never before have I been
So much in love with you now
It gets stronger somehow
Yet you ignore me anyway
So you say there is nothing there
Thousands of these in the air
Say otherwise


Still in conflict
Still be still
Got to get away
Rescue on the way

Dark deeds forgiven
Life is worth livin’
When you are not in pain
So join your pain with Christ

Whatever your suffering
Even if you are dead
Call on His name
And you will be saved

Trouble follows me where I go
Because this world lives a different way
Differing from the true Way
So live the Way

The Way is Jesus Christ


I must apologize
Because I am bitter
I resent certain circumstances
Inflicted upon God’s Children

So I open my mouth to warn
Plagues and pestilence comes
I would suggest an early start
At reconciliation

For great things are about to happen
But you are too blind to see it
Lacking the faith required
To see beyond the veil

I have seen it all
And what comes next is not good
It is already here
Be prepared


I want to die
My life is a lie
Forced by laws
Not based on Law

The power of sin is the law
Therefore I am a sinner
Just for being alive
And living in this evil world

So I loved instead
As was the logic in my head
Was rejected at every turn
What else do you want me to say?


As I sought the fold
Never was I told
Death would evade
So riddled with pain

I found that fold
They were left out in the cold
With a price to be paid to be let in
But this love should be free

A vision of thousands seeking baptism
Only to be denied
So I cried
And the Father heard my cry

Watch this world fade away
As we love every day
Nothing to say
Everything today


The devil really hates me
As his claws tear into my back
Let loose only for a little while
Allowed to attack me instead of someone else

He uses all of his hate and fury
And projects it at me
Leaving me destitute
While no one lifts a finger to help

But that never changes my mind or heart
Towards God and my Love
Forever unchanging
And Glorious in battle

No matter how beaten
No matter how much humility
My heart will always and forever be

So stop listening to the devil
His promises are empty anyway