To Pope Francis

Your Holiness,

It is difficult for me
To stay small and quiet
In a world
I was not pleased to enter to begin with
The world tears me apart
I felt His Passion
I feel it always

We are One
As promised by the Prayer of Jesus fulfilled

Live it
In Love

But I suffer greatly
I was at one point
Happily enduring
Until the pain of others
Amplified tremendously

I said I would write you again
However this time
It will not be by pen or paper
In this digital age
What I have to say
Cannot wait the dreadful courier state

The Lord has made it clear

If what I must be forced to do
By you all delaying any further
Repent, and you will not see

The warnings I hope were disruptive enough
This time however
I am not sure I want to drink this cup this time
Instead the Father pour it out on the Earth
That I pray
But let the Father’s will be done

If you believe, tweet this to him…